Chic Child

Tattoo artist and Owner of Seven Sins Tattoo Studio, Horley. Specialising in Custom made to order tattoos


How long have you been tattooing?
19 years

First tattoo got?
Swallow at Frosty's in Thornton Heath. Waited all day, got drawn on with biro first and cost a fiver!

First tattoo done?
Elf on mate Kev

Favourite style of tattoo
Black and grey, Japanese (modern western style)

Favourite tattoo you have
the last one I got

Favourite artists
Filip Leu, Darren Stares, Jason Butcher, Tom Ptolemy, Jon Knott, Woody, plus loads more!

What’s on your ipod at the moment?
Anything that’s good to tattoo to.. plenty of blues stuff, Dorje, anything with guitars!

Favourite drink of the moment
Honey JD

Favourite saying or word at the moment
Dick head!

Question you’re most bored of being asked?
Have you watched Tattoo Fixers.... 

Future aims
more sleep, more guitars, more motorbikes...

Any other relevant info?
If I haven’t done your drawing yet, I’ll get around to it soon, I promise!