Piercing and Body modification at Seven Sins Tattoo Studio,


How long have you been piercing?
13 Years

First tattoo got?
Dragon across my back

First piercing done? 
After the usual ears, it was a navel

Favourite style of piercing 
My favourite piercings to do are always the ones that take a little bit more imagination, the arty, the adventurous or obscure ones. Although I like them all, I like a project

Favourite tattoo you have 
Whichever is the newest usually!

Favourite artists 
Too many to list

What’s on your ipod at the moment? 
Scroobius Pip, Backstreet Boys, Delilah, London Gramar and NiN

Favourite drink of the moment 

Favourite saying or word at the moment 

Strangest question or question you’re most bored of being asked? 
Will it hurt… err!

Future aims 
To learn new things – there’s always something new to learn in my profession and outside of it…!